Card Management Solutions

Secure payment cards for a connected world

Toppan FutureCard provides a wide range of card management systems to all of its clients. As we are an end-to-end card solutions provider; we manage everything from the manufacturing issuance of the cards to their management and enrollment. Once our customers entrust us with their card management needs, we fulfill them with the help of our highly committed team and the best that technology has to offer.

Central Issuance

Cutting-edge high volume card issuance

Toppan FutureCard’s Central issuance system is designed to issue high quality, standardized cards for various purposes.

Our Central Issuance System is an end-to-end high volume card issuance solution for financial, ID, loyalty/Gift cards. It covers sophisticated data preparation systems integrated with Hardware Security Modules (HSM) for secure key management. In addition to this, it includes the generation of pin processing and mailers. It can generate files for card carriers and fulfillment data for any fulfillment system brand.

The system comes with preloaded payment schemes profiles and issuance scripts which can integrate with any standard embossing file formats generated by the card management systems or back-office systems. A flexible licensing module enables this system to work in either fully centralized or centralized data preparation and key management but distributed card issuance systems.

Instant Issuance

On the spot, fully personalized payment cards

Today’s highly connected and digitalized world is transforming financial institutions in fundamental ways and is putting customers at the heart of any future banking projects. This new world of banking allows customers to select the bank of their choice based on how comfortable they are in interacting with a particular institution. Hence, the focus is clearly on the comfort of the customer, along with the core objectives of efficiency improvement and risk reduction to serve the customer in the best and most secure way.
We at Toppan FutureCard empower you to meet these objectives and exceed your customers’ expectations.

In today’s fast-moving world, customers tend to have the instant need of a payment card as soon as they open an account or in case of a card misplacement, damage or theft. Waiting to receive a new payment card via mail and afterwards coordinating with the bank to activate this card has become obsolete nowadays. Toppan FutureCard’s Instant Issuance Solution, InstaCard, enables banks to provide customers with fully personalized payment cards on the spot, which are personalized in real-time at the branch level.

InstaCard is a secure solution that instantly generates the EMV data and drives the personalization device to encode secured card elements like magnetic stripe, chip and graphical elements. It generates increased security and minimizes the risk of fraud as EMV chip cards reach the hand of the customers immediately.

Branch Back Office

Branch Front Office

Cardholder Enrollment System

Easy-to-use card registration solution

Toppan FutureCard offers 360-degree card services to its clients, and card enrollment is an essential aspect of it. The Toppan FutureCard enrollment system aims to make things easier for vendors and organizations by providing them with an easy-to-use system for registering the cards.

Our cardholder enrollment system enables an issuer to manage the enrollment activities of a new cardholder. The system can be customized to suit any issuing services like loyalty, gift card and ID card programs, among others. It can be configured to work either in an online mode (data is captured online from authenticated terminals) or offline mode (a batch process where enrollment data is received through retailers or POS terminals in batches).

Toppan FutureCard’s enrollment program can generate card personalization data from the enrollment data as it processes a card record or batches-wise.

Card Life Cycle Management

Card processing account management to facilitate transactions

Toppan FutureCard believes in providing the complete package of card-related services to its customers. Card production and issuance are just the first steps, and numerous other procedures are involved in managing the card and its activity.

Our Card Life Cycle Management System manages the card activities in the field starting from the cardholder acquisition and provisioning, activation, deactivation, block, unblock, load, retire activities and field usage management. This can be integrated to a transaction processing system for authentication services and transaction data analysis. The system can manage the card processing account of merchants or retailers and can be integrated into an acquirer to facilitate transaction processing.