Digital Government

Enabling governments to enhance citizens’ engagements

Ecquaria Government Platform is a digital platform that incorporates Government Best Practices with Ready Building Blocks to delivery Government Digital Services.

Digital government is an evolution from e-government. While e-government aims to improve existing transactional processes with technology, digital government embraces technology and innovation to create a citizen-centric approach to deliver government services.

1. Platforms

Key Features :

  • Loosely-coupled micro services
  • Predefined APIs

Benefits :

  • Pluggable and open service
    makes it easy for citizen to consume the
    micro services and for systems to
    Integrate with little to no hardcoding.

2. Solutions

Citizen Engagement

  • Key features
  • Benefits

Business and Trade

  • Key features
  • Benefits


  • Key features
  • Benefits

Empowers citizens to voice out and to look forward to a more transparent and open interaction with their government

3. Consultancy

Combining People, Business and Technology

Master Planning & Consultance

Our team of digital government consultants has enabled governments to fast-track their digital government initiatives and benefit from leading innovation, concepts and best practices embedded with every digital government solution from Ecquaria.

Governments can leverage on the expert guidance offered through our consulting services based on our proven digital government methodology, domain knowledge and extensive experience in implementing e-government successes around the world.

DX Workshop

Toppan’s Disruptive eXperience (DX) Workshop combines design thinking and service design into 3 days of fun, eccentric ideas and intensive focus on the users.

DX Workshop Benefits:

  • De-risks Projects
  • Encourages Disruptive Mindsets
  • Works on Customer’s Real Issues
  • Solves Real Problems
  • Participants will receive tools to:
    • Empathize with citizens
    • Synthesize data from multiple sources
    • Develop prototypes