Design & Security Features

Pioneering design elements and security features

Toppan FutureCard provides its customers with cards that offer a unique combination of the most innovative designs and advanced security features. Due to the sensitive nature of the information on smartcards, we use the latest encryption systems to ensure a high level of security thus, preventing the information from being misused.

Our design and security features are tested and approved by all major schemes.

Design Features

Colored Core PVC | Line
Holographic PVC | Gleam
Transparent PVC | Clear
Hot Stamping | Accent
Special Color Magnetic stripe | Tint
Special Die Shapes | Contour
Tactile Effect | Touch
Aromatic | Scent
Bejeweled | Crystal

Colored Core PVC | Line

Toppan FutureCard’s Line cards hold a colored core; being visible as a distinctive color on the edges of the cards to have a premium look and brand identification. We offer our customers a wide range of colored core PVC.

Colored round edged squares: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Silver, Gold

Holographic PVC | Gleam

Our Gleam cards feature a holographic, mirror-like finish that elevates any card, making it look more prestigious and premium. This distinctive effect is available in many standard holographic diffraction patterns, as well as custom designs.

Transparent PVC | Clear

Toppan FutureCard provides special transparent cards that have a unique and trendy appearance. Our Clear cards are fully functional cards and can be used for every application.

Hot Stamping | Accent

Toppan FutureCard’s Accent cards add a glamorous element to the card produced. The hot stamping is available in shades of gold, silver, rainbow, or customized foils and can be applied on specific texts, logos and designs.

Special Color Magnetic stripe | Tint

Our Tint cards are available in a variety of magnetic stripe colors. Customer can chose among Loco and Hico functionality of the magnetic stripe; depending on the required application. We offer standard colors as well as customized colors according to our customer’s requirements.

Special Die Shapes | Contour

Our Contour cards come in various shapes and sizes to meet the clients design and functionality aspirations.

Tactile Effect | Touch

Toppan FutureCard’s Touch cards are made with raised transparent varnish, printed as an extra top layer to highlight the design concept or logo.

Aromatic | Scent

Our Scent cards are designed to differentiate your special products and revive your customers’ senses. We can provide any requested aromatic scent such as strawberry, jasmine, Oudh, coffee, chocolate and many more.

Bejeweled | Crystal

Toppan FutureCard’s Crystal cards are embellished with real diamonds or any other precious element. They meant to give selected customers special recognition and build brand loyalty.

Security Features | CardSecurity

Due to the sensitive nature of the information on ID cards and documents, Toppan FutureCard uses the best that technology has to offer to make these cards and documents as safe and secure as possible – We provide our customers high level covert and overt security features.

Our counterfeit-proof documents allow the printing and inclusion of security features during the manufacturing and the personalization stage, which enhances security even further.

Security Features during Manufacturing Process


The microtext refers to lines or designs which are made up of very small letters or numbers that are barely perceptible to the eye and often require the use of magnification, making them hard to read.

Guilloche Pattern Printing

Security printing consists of guilloches designs or other fine line patterns, such as bas-relief text, banknote portrait pattern and stroke modulation effect. Thanks to these complicated features, re-origination and reproduction is impeded.


Our OVI features are printed with a certain printing ink containing optically variable pigments which show large color shifts or strong variations in color, depending on the angle of observation or lighting.

UV printing

This security feature is made of lines or designs that are printed using invisible colors and are only visible under a special light source with a defined wave length. For the UV printing, we offer many different colors such as blue, red, green, and yellow among others.

In-Build Text

This refers to a logo or text which is printed on the inside of the card. In-build texts are not visible directly; they can only be seen through the help of a high beam laser light, offering heightened security.

2D and 3D Holograms

For the hologram security feature, we can supply several customized effects and sizes with structure and color changes. Naturally, we are providing the obligatory Visa and MasterCard holograms as well.

Rainbow Printing

This coloring process used in offset printing is utilized to protect security documents against color separation or copying. It subtly merges colors into each other, resulting in a gradual and differing color change pattern.

Secure QR Code

Our secure QR code is a customized feature that involves adding encoded information to a QR code, such as a hidden serial number, or detailed physical characteristics of the cardholder; this enhance the security of the card.


Watermarks cannot be duplicated easily by photo copying or any other means. Our reliable watermarks are fully customized according to the customers’ requirements.

Spell Error

This security features Text or logo which can printed on inside of the card which is not visible directly and can only visible by look with the help of a high beam laser light.

Security Features during Personalization Process

Ghosted Image

A ghost image is a smaller version of the applicants’ photo image on an ID and is generally printed semi-translucent. The portrait of the ID holder is generated from lines of microtext through special laser printing. This security feature is introduced during the personalization process to ensure a counterfeit protection.

Variable Microtext

The variable microtext is a covert security feature which is not visible to the naked eye; a magnifier is needed to identify and read the text. Since the microtext is implemented during the personalization process, several information elements could be incorporated.

Tactile Laser Text

Positive embossing is a type of laser text printing. This feature allows visible and tactile authentication of the information and can be used for texts and pictograms.

End User Signature

The end user signature is a secure feature in form of a digitalized signature of the ID holder on each owners’ document.

Machine Readable Texts in OCR Format

Machine readable texts are overt security elements that may be included on machine readable documents at the discretion of the issuing authority. The text of each line is being recognized and parsed to extract the data fields.