TOPPAN FutureCard certified eco-friendly payment cards 

Dubai, June, 2020 – FutureCard Ind. LLC, is proud to announce VISA, MasterCard and UnionPay certifications for its eco-friendly dual-interface and contact payment cards, for both PLA and PVCr plastic.   


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We aspire to exceed the expectations of our customers by demonstrating the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and dedication to performance excellence.​​










FutureCard is a global supplier of innovative cards, smartcards, as well as card-fulfillment services and solutions, serving a demanding market in constant surge.


Government agencies, financial institutions, telecom operators, corporates and other businesses throughout the world entrust us with the delicate mission of producing secure cards, which carry their brands, identify their clients, and authenticate their transactions.


Since its inception in 2002, futurecard serves a large customer base in all six continents. Our clients' industries are finance, government, transport, telecom, insurance, healthcare, education, retail, and many more.

Governments and public services providers trust futurecard with the production and personalization of their cards used for identification, voting, transport, and many other public services applications.

Being a certified MasterCard™, Visa™, and UnionPay™ card manufacturer, and a certified PCI/DSS card personalization bureau, we serve Banks and financial institutions with all their payment cards needs.

futurecard serves Mobile and Fixed Telecom Network Operators with hundreds of millions of SIM/USIM, Payphone cards, as well as with variety of scratch recharge vouchers in standard and customized formats.

Commercial Institutions, retailers and Corporations employ futurecard in order to reflect their brand image and secure their customers' loyalty in customized cards with a myriad of security and aesthetic features.

As an end-to-end card manufacturer, mixing technology with security printing craftsmanship, futurecard covers the complete value chain of design and manufacturing of secure cards on all kind of substrates: PC, PET-F, PET-G, PVC, ABS, PS, Paper board, etc, allowing to cater for all markets' needs for secure aesthetic cards and smartcards.

At the core of our business is the manufacturing of all different categories of  Smartcards: contact, contact-less, dual-interface, and hybrid chip cards. Smartcards of all applications and uses are manufactured and delivered by futurecard.

Millions of Plastic and Magstripe cards leave futurecard factory on daily basis as they remain the preferred medium for many businesses to promote their brands, identify and maintain interactions with their clients.

Be it a smart disposable ticket used in transport or parking, or a scratch recharge voucher used for prepaid applications, futurecard designs and manufactures Paper cards and tickets with high quality and security features.

futurecard completes its offering with complementary cards services and solutions, positionning itself as a one-stop-shop for all cards needs. Businesses and services providers trust futurecard with the delicate mission of outsourcing their cards' operations from concept to delivery.

futurecard provides Card Consulting services to customers from the definition and development stage of their projects, up to card issuance and other associated logistics.

As a certified PCI/DSS Personalization bureau, futurecard personalizes all kind of banking and payment cards; such service applies to all type of cards application: ID, telecom, loyalty, and more.

futurecard executes a variety of customized creative designs of Fulfillment packaging that complement card production and add up on brand image and card security attributes.

Flexible card logistics solutions are available to facilitate customers' stock management, secure storage, distribution, individual delivery, and cards' activation.

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